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Decorating Services

Even people with a great eye for design sometimes need a fresh perspective. From a simple restyle, to a full room makeover, we can help bring your space back to life.


— Hourly Design Consult ($250/hour)

— This Consultation includes a full walkthrough of any space(s) you need help with and a discussion of our design recommendations.
— We will leave a written-report of our suggestions for the space and notes on everything discussed during the consultation

— See our 'Consulting' page for further details.

Restyle Package:

— Redecorating with existing decor ($250/hour)

— This is a great way to give new life to your room without purchasing new items! Two stylists will come to your home and 'restyle' shelves, surface decor, & more by editing and redecorating with your existing pieces.

Shop & Style Package:

— This is our full-service decorating package. It can include just 'finishing touches' OR everything from scratch. What we shop for is completely up to you! This package includes our time to shop for all items needed (online & in-store), coordinate delivery, and then set up a 'Style Day' once it's time to decorate!

— 'Style Day' includes your stylists bringing in all purchased items, decorating the room using new & existing pieces, a HandyWoman for hanging & installation, and finally a REVEAL for you once it's all complete.

 — To get started, we begin with an initial consultation to discuss your vision. There is a consultation fee of $200 in order for us to come out, discuss your space(s), and create an Estimate. 

— After the consultation, we will create the estimate for all shopping, styling, and installation fees associated with the project and send for approval.

— **We are not able to create an estimate without first seeing the space

— **Please note we do work within a set travel area. Contact us to see if your address is within the boundaries.

— *When you reach out, please provide your name, neighborhood/area you live in, and which room(s) you are wanting help with.

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Our Work

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