Woodlands Style House

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets You Apart From Other Designers & Stylists?

We pride ourselves on being able to decorate spaces in any design-style and budget that fits the client's needs.

While some designers have one specific style that they tend to recreate in clients' homes, we like to take inspiration from whatever the clients' tastes are, and then bring our fresh perspective to it. We've created spaces in multiple different styles including modern, rustic, industrial, contemporary & more. We've also styled a wide range of events in every style imaginable. We truly want our clients to be inspired by their space once we're done with it. And we want it to feel like their own.

Something else that sets us apart is our ability to work with a wide range of budgets. We firmly believe that great design can be achieved without breaking the bank. To accomplish this, we shop at a variety of stores, from budget-friendly to high-end, and everything in between. 

What Are Your Specialities?

We specialize in styling ANY space.

We love redecorating, but also use our styling skills for a range of other projects, such as organizing, holiday styling, renovation coordination, redecorating using existing decor, event planning & styling and more. To see a full range of our services and galleries of our work, check out our 'styling,' 'organizing,' 'renovating' and 'events' pages in our menu.

If you have a space that either needs some sprucing, or to be created from scratch, we can help.

What packages do you offer?

Full-Service Package: This is our most commonly used option and allows us to help you from start-to-finish. This includes an initial consultation, an estimate of our fees and timeline, shopping for all needed items, and coordinating all delivery & assembling of furniture. And of course, we then bring it all in to style the space when everything is ready.

Design-Plan Package: If you feel you can do the shopping and set up of the room, but simply need help creating a plan, we can do that as well. We come out for a consultation at our hourly fee and make a plan with you. This includes discussing color scheme, design style, furniture and decor ideas, and general space-planning. We will leave you with notes on all of our recommendations. 

Shopping Package: If you don't know where to begin picking out items for your home, or have the time to do it, we can take care of that for you. We would come for a consultation to see the space and discuss needed items. After that, we take care of all of the shopping and then hand-deliver the items and let you choose what you'd like to keep.

Styling Package: If you already have items you'd like to use, but are unsure of how to put it all together, we can come for a styling session where we decorate with all existing items.

Renovating Package: Feeling overwhelmed with your renovation? We LOVE renovation projects! We can help with both the design decisions and coordination of your project. To start, we come out for a consultation at our hourly fee, where we can help with paint selection, material choices, and space-planning. You could then move on with the project yourself, or use us to coordinate contractors to complete the renovation for you. 

Organizing Package: Whether you need help organizing your whole home, or simply need help with one space, we would be thrilled to take on the task. For our hourly fee we will declutter, re-sort, and rearrange until your space is functional again. 

Event Planning Package: If you need help planning your next event, we can help with everything from choosing a theme, to creating invitations, to coordinating the entire event start to finish. Feel free to only use our help for some of the planning stages too!

Event Styling Package: Whether you need our help planning the party first and THEN styling, or JUST styling and setting up the party on the day-of, we can help. From decorating the venue to creating the centerpieces, we can help with all the special touches that make an event memorable. 

How Would I Get Started?

We are happy to come out for a consultation to see your space and discuss your needs. We will then create an estimate for our fee based on our time to shop & time to style the space. 

We also provide design consultations for those who only need paint/material/furniture recommendations. For that we simply charge our flat hourly fee.

Just contact us and we'll let you know where we should start!

What Are Your Fees?

Our fee for each job is based on the amount of time needed to shop for necessary items & the time to style and set up the space when ready.

There are are also other factors considered in our estimate such as furniture assembly, large furniture delivery, custom creations, paint selection, renovation coordination, time spent at an event, etc... Because of all of these variables, we are able to provide our estimate of our fees after our initial consultation with you.

The amount you spend on the actual items purchased is completely up to you! Because of this, we can tailor the types of stores we shop in to your budget-requirements. We strongly believe in building beautiful spaces without breaking the bank. You let us know what you're comfortable with, and we can create a space around that.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Once we've had our initial consultation, received estimate approval & consulted our project schedule, we will set a time for shopping/planning to start. Once shopping begins, the process can be anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a couple of months. The timeline all depends on item/material delivery time, time for any custom creations, and completion of possible renovation needed (such as painting, etc...), Once these steps are complete, we are usually able to style the space in 1-2 days in most cases. For events we usually require at least 1-2 months for planning, but possibly less for event-styling. Once we meet with you, we'll be able to give specific timelines.

When Is Payment Expected?

We ask for half of our styling fee up front, as well as a flat fee to go towards your items being purchased. This helps us cover shopping costs and our time until we are able to style the space.

We do also ask for any large purchases made to be refunded at the time of delivery, even if that is before styling-day. This includes expensive furniture, art, rugs, venue/catering deposits, etc... Then once the space is complete, we will send an invoice for all unpaid purchases, as well as the remaining half of our fee.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept payment in form of cash, check, venmo, or paypal.  Contact us for our specific venmo & paypal details. Checks may be made payable to 'Woodlands Style House.'

What Is The Best Way To Contact You?

We'd love to hear from you! To connect with us right away, simply click the 'Contact' link in our menu. You can also see our most recent work on our Facebook or Instragram pages!